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Have you ever thought that how your company can get a good reputation in market and can be different from others? After analyzing different organizations’ strategies it’s been easy to make our own sales strategy to take our business to the top level. There is nothing much to do, just check their formation and structure of their sales and services, that how they get the interest of their clients and customers towards their products. Well most important thing in this aspect is just to remember that whatever strategy u plane should be in favor of your clients. You will never know what your client actually needs; sometimes they prefer the Quality work and sometimes they just need the work but in affordable prices which actually makes the competition in market. Same thing impact on the field of logo designing firms, the competition in between software houses and designing firms is depended on the prices they are offering in market. Well trying to stay to the front of competition, companies use different techniques to influence customers to purchase their products. But this technique is not so much authentic now as the customers become spiky because of the consciousness about the market strategy, they can get the much better firm with their own ideas of which firm is best for their work and trustworthy with them too with the best quality and with the reasonable prices. In the world of Information Technology, The best way to judge a firm via its logo design, the services they provide, the package they are offering etc. The industry of logo design is growing very fast day by day, In the past a simple design companies were recommend to design a simple logo design on very cheap prices for firms but now after the rapid growth of designing agencies and software houses different packages are created to serve the best services in a very unique way. Logo design packages include animated logo design, corporate logo design and Business logo design packages as well. Every single package has its different and special appearance; from the rate of a package to the number of designs, which characterize the accomplishment of a package when people frequently purchase it and also recommend it to others. As much as u gets orders on a specific package, u need to do more work on the quality of that package. If anyone purchases a logo design package from your company that costs $99, then you should maintain the class of the design and create a brand to compete with others. Just the once you start serving your clients the quality, that will be a plus point for your company, and your business will automatically boost and get near to the success. In view of the fact that logo designing is a conventional business in which a logo design firm is designing a logo for their income with some high prices and to serve their ability to other business and corporate companies. This process is somewhat justified because you are investing your ability and time in new inventions, create a new and unique brand for others which indicates them. With the period of some time when you assure about your clients that they are satisfied with you that means you’ve earned yourself the right to charge for the logo more than before and as per your choice of demand. Sometimes your worth in market is described according to the price you charge from the customers and that becomes your identity. You will become trustworthy to the people and get their beliefs that if they are paying you more than the market than it is sure that you will provide them the best. For that reason, it is the necessary for a design firm that they should provide high quality work to its potential customers to make the brand outstanding all the time.